What are Kindred Presets?

Known by thousands of photographers for beautiful skin tones, film like rendering and ease of use, Kindred Presets are editing tools made for both digital and hybrid photographers alike. Whether you're looking for a film matching tool, or a preset to help you achieve a film like aesthetic, Kindred has you covered. More than this, Kindred Presets comes alongside it's users with a community unlike any other. We named our presets to represent two things: the kindred bond between digital and film imagery, and the hope that a community would form around kindred spirits. What has formed since our launch in late 2017 has been the most pleasant surprise and safe landing for our users. Kindred users quickly find themselves surrounded by like minded photographers who truly want to see everyone flourish and grow, a place like no other in our industry and a true bonus to owning our presets.

Where to start

Kindred Essential is the very best place to start when looking into your first Kindred Presets purchase. Created to span the aesthetic of many film stocks, Essential is our most popular and easiest to use preset. With built in skin tone support, a natural to the eye contrast and gorgeous greens, Essential is a crowd pleaser, to say the least. Versatile in nearly ANY lighting scenario, simple to transform in only a few clicks, you can’t go wrong with the preset that created Kindred.

What's Next?

The Kindred Preset Collection includes Essential, Technical and Kindred Black and White because we truly believe that these three presets can sustain and carry a career. From perfect light, to less than ideal, using these three workhorses won’t leave you longing.

For the hybrid shooter, The Authentic Film Collection is the next best step. Created to match film scans, our Fuji 400,  Portra 400 and Noir presets are the perfect companion to your digital images. Built with complex color systems and highlight support, hybrid shooters love the ease of matching with these two showstoppers.

The Additional Tools

Included in The Authentic Film Collection presets are a series of “quick adjust buttons” that allow a more seamless editing experience. Using these in tandem with the presets makes editing straightforward and simple! From adding a little grain, to cooling your highlights, these quick fixes make editing that much simpler.

dyan Kethley

"Your presets have made the editing so quick and simple and gotten the images exactly where I want them to be. Something I was never able to accomplish with any other preset and my own tweaking. You have saved me enormous amounts of time already, and I'm so thankful that I'll be able to spend more time with my kiddos rather than in front of my computer screen."

Rachel Meagan

Kindred Portra is one of the most versatile presets out there. You can tell that so much hard work and thought have gone into these presets. As someone who has always been drawn to moody film shots, and is obsessed with shooting Kodak Portra 400 for personal photos - I’ve never seen a preset that handles film emulated colors the way that Kindred Portra 400 does. I was ECSTATIC when Kindred released Portra. I’ve been a long time VSCO user and have now made the switch after 6 years and will never go back. I think Kindred Portra is going to break into a brand new market of helping photographers who love shooting with a moodier style but still want to marry the look of film. Everything about this preset is incredible, and really doesn’t require much tweaking to get the look you’re going for if you want true-to-life film emulated colors. You won’t regret your purchase.

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Neva Michelle Santiago

"I've tried quite a few presets and even made many of my own, but this was the fastest I've ever been able to edit a wedding! It was a rainy, dreary day and these one-click edits were able to help me brighten everything up and give the look I wanted, without spending a ton of time on tweaking them to my liking. I can't wait to edit now when I used to dread it!"

Elisabeth Carol

Kindred has completely changed how I feel about my work and saved me hours of time! I've spent years trying to get the film look with my digital photos and every other preset (including my own) always fell short. Kindred was exactly what I had been searching for and more. I went from just being just "okay" with my work and dreading editing to LOVING my work with Kindred! Kindred has brought joy back into my business again!

Josie Berkey

Investing in Kindred has probably been one the best decisions I have made for my business. My quality of editing has dramatically changed, I love how consistent my work looks, and I seriously can't wait to edit photos at the end of each session. Plus, the added bonus: the community Kindred has fostered is encouraging and supportive. Thank you for sharing your time, creative mind, and talents with so many photographers!

Kindred Presets