Kindred Portra 400 is now LIVE!

Image Testing Service

If you want to have us test your images with Kindred Presets before you buy, please send us a link to download 3-5 RAW images and let us know what preset you would like tested on your work!

Please upload a folder of up to five RAW or JPG images to the cloud service of your choice.  We recommend you title the folder KINDRED TEST - YOUR NAME HERE (replace "your name here" with your business name). Then create a share link that we can download from and email us the link using the contact form below. There is currently a 3 business day turnaround for image testing. 

PLEASE NOTE: We HIGHLY recommend you send us RAW file format images for the testing process unless you edit in JPG exclusively. While the presets work on both RAW and JPG formats, we prefer to show you the full range of ability that Kindred has on a RAW image.